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Lunch in Venice~

See and download the full gallery on posterous I Love You—now hush~ Yesterday Richard sent a book title to me that perfectly captured a lunch experience with a French couple that we had in Venice. But before that, let me tell you about one of our first lunch experiences in Venice—a very popular inn and restaurant that was ours alone …

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When the outside comes in~

See and download the full gallery on posterous Awaiting Spring~ It has been a colder than usual winter here in the South. Yes, I know those of you north of the Mason-Dixon line have certainly had your fill of it, too. We have several potted citrus trees, which usually spend their winter outside; however, on the rare occasions where the …

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They say Venezia; we say Venice~

See and download the full gallery on posterous Una bella vista~ We were only there five nights, but Venezia made such a strong impression that it needs more than the previous blog posts to do it justice. With Carnevale season here, I think it is appropriate to talk about the two sides of Venice that are reflected even in the …

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Waiting is the hardest part~

Clang, clang, clang went the trolley~ Standing on a platform waiting for a train in Rome can be a nerve wracking experience, especially when you are alone and don’t speak the language. When I first traveled to Viterbo, Italy in August 2005, I had to change trains in the outskirts of Rome in order to get to Viterbo. The hour …

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Lesson Number 2~

Nonna cooks Pollo con Limone~ Recently, I received an e-mail from Alessandra filling me in on all the happenings back in Viterbo. I mailed the Feb House Beautiful with the article on our house ( to them back in early January and, when I hadn’t heard from them, I sent an e-mail making sure that they had received the magazine. …

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