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The Beyond the Pasta iPhone, iPad and iPod app!

Ranked “New & Noteworthy” by Apple in iTunes App store, Lifestyles category!

Now you can take Mark and Nonna’s expertise into the kitchen with you wherever you go. Get the app to access the easy and delicious recipes from Mark’s book, PLUS additional new recipes that Mark learned from Nonna. What else does the app offer?

Beyond the Pasta iPad cooking "Mark Leslie"

Key Features include:

  • The app works on both devices, the iPhone and the iPad ~ with the added bonus of the iPad being able to play in both portrait and landscape positions.

  • Video tips from Mark and Nonna will assist you in key prep moments or ingredient descriptions.

  • Color photos, easy instructions and readily found ingredients will make these recipes a snap to successfully prepare time and time again!

• Recently reviewed by Appsforipads, here is what they had to say in print and in a video review of the app “in action” ~ First Review and, to my surprise, a Bonus Video Review!

Search the iTunes app store for “Beyond the Pasta” or “Mark Leslie” to download this very fun and Italian-themed app. Click to GO!

Bring your family to the table and change a life one meal at a time!

Buon Appetito~


iPhone app image "Beyond the Pasta"

Screen shots:


iPhone intro page

Beyond the Pasta app menu "Mark Leslie"

iPhone recipe index

"Mark Leslie" Beyond the Pasta app

Example of recipe tabs

"Beyond the Pasta app" "Mark Leslie"

Single recipe photo

Beyond the Pasta app "Mark Leslie"

Inside a recipe including helpful tips!

Visit the iTunes App Store to purchase Beyond the Pasta for your iPhone and iPad~ two great versions for one low price!


Beyond the Pasta iPad intro page "Mark Leslie"

iPad intro page


Beyond the Pasta iPad app menu page "Mark Leslie"

iPad app menu page

Beyond the Pasta iPad app page "Mark Leslie"

iPad app plays in landscape and portrait orientations

Beyond the Pasta iPad app recipe page "Mark Leslie"

iPad app recipe page

Beyond the Pasta iPad app "Mark Leslie"

Recipes feature helpful tip videos

Easy to find on iTunes, easy to download and easy to use, let the  Beyond the Pasta app make preparing authentic Italian dishes a breeze!

Bring your family to the table and change a life one meal at a time!

Buon Appetito~


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