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All roads lead to Rome~

Looking for a great place to stay in Rome? via Every year I have the great good fortune to travel to Italy, which means a stay in Rome is inevitable. Rome, like any major metropolatin city, is bustling with activity 24/7; however, there is something unique about the Eternal City–as the name implies. New York City and London are …

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“Beyond the Pasta” takes a step forward~

Biba Caggiano says, “Mark, you have captured the essence of the Italian people.” via “Beyond the Pasta: 28 Days of Recipes, Language, and Life with an Italian Family” is a labor of love for me at the moment. The book is a travelogue/memoir/cookbook with each “chapter” being a daily entry based on the e-mails I sent home from Viterbo …

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“All it takes is some flour and a couple of eggs…”

“There is nothing as simple as, or more difficult than, the beginning.”~ Starting something completely new is never easy. There is the fear of not getting it “exactly” right or not meeting expectations. For the longest time I was terrified to make pasta. What can be so complicated about some flour and a couple of eggs? Nothing. But after a …

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