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Beyond the Pasta

Spring is here, the seedlings are up, and the promise of a summer of delicious eating is in the air. One of my favorite Italian springtime dishes is “Minestra di Primavera” ~ “Spring Soup.” It features lettuce as the main ingredient. Now wait, before you imagine the ubiquitous “Wedge Salad” Iceberg jammed into a bowl, this recipe features Romaine and …

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Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner~

Tom Turkey1

“‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving, and all toward the house, every creature was bringing home a boyfriend or spouse!” With the largest American food holiday quickly approaching, the looming culinary quandary isn’t what to make on Turkey Day or what to do with the leftovers, it’s—what to feed everyone the night before the food frenzy begins?! Trying to feed homeward …

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Where’s the beef?

  See and download the full gallery on posterous Discovering the Italian sandwich~ Recently a friend e-mailed me asking for a “big, fat, greasy, wet, sloppy, Italian Beef Sandwich recipe.” Sadly, I had to tell him that the only place I have ever eaten something like that is in Chicago—and never in Italy. That isn’t to say that something like …

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