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Gelato, Gelato … Gelato?

Frozen Mascarpone Chocolate And Raspberry Gelato Photo

[Subscribers, please click HERE to view the video form your e-mail. Grazie~] In Italian, the word “gelato” means “frozen” more than it means “ice cream.” So, for as much as we have heard that gelato is the Italian equivalent of ice cream, this “gelato” is really a frozen mousse of a dessert. Quick and easy, with no ice cream maker …

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Spring Soup~

Lettuce Pea And Pasta Soup Photo

Minestra di Primavera Lettuce, Pea and Pasta Soup [As featured on WTSU radio’s Community Focus with host Carolyn Hutcheson and WSFA-TV 12’s Alabama Live! with hosts Judd Davis and Tonya Terry.] Things burst green and fresh in the garden when Spring arrives. Lettuces are often the first to peek through the dirt with tender leaves that can tolerate warming days …

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A Comforting, Italian Winter Recipe~

Veal Tips With Polenta

[Subscribers, please click HERE to watch the “Veal Tips with Polenta” cooking video.] Veal Tips with Polenta Spezzatino della Nonna con Polenta This is the Italian version of a dish most Southerners know well—Grillades & Grits. For Italians, this is hearty comfort food at its best. Nonna taught this recipe to me while I lived with her and her family …

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King Porcini~

Bow Tie Pasta With Mushrooms And Cream Photo

[Subscribers, please click HERE to view the video from your e-mail.] Fall cooking with Mushrooms When the weather cools off my taste buds yearn for mushrooms. It must have something to do with the woodsy scent of leaves turning colors and falling to the ground or it could be that I usually travel to Italy in the fall when Porcini …

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Haul in the Net~

Bourbon Shrimp Scampi

[Subscribers, please click HERE to view this video from your e-mail.] Bourbon Shrimp Scampi This recipe is a quick one. It is so quick, in fact, that I prepare the whole dish from scratch in the 6-minute cooking segment video! Still think you don’t have time to cook? I will admit that I am a snob when it comes to …

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Grilling Lettuce ~ light it up!

Grilled Romaine Hearts 1

[Subscribers, please click HERE to view the video from your e-mail!] Technically, it is Spring; however, with all the warm weather we are having down here in the South ~ it sure feels like Summer! And with warm weather comes the natural desire to keep the kitchen cool and break out the Weber on the patio. I was reminded while …

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Dust a Bunny ~ Yogurt Cake

Cover Bunny

[Subscriber’s, please click HERE to view the video from your e-mail.] It doesn’t take years of training or a drawer full of special tools to decorate a cake for Easter. Using Nonna’s simple yogurt cake recipe—packed with fresh fruit and, by using Greek yogurt, packed with extra flavor—you can turn an “any time” cake into an Easter-themed cake in a …

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Cluck, Cluck ~ A Chick Dish?

Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad Cover Photo

[Subscribers, please click HERE to view the video from your e-mail.]  Chicken Salad ~ 1 foundation, 2 recipes Chicken salad might be the foundation to every ladies’ luncheon and yet, often, it is a soup of mayonnaise lacking any noticeable amount of its namesake ~ chicken! When I was at the WSFA-12’s studio waiting to do my segment, a PR …

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Berry, Berry, Quite Contrary~

Jam Tart Photo Horizontal

[Subscribers, please click HERE to view the cooking video from your e-mail.] If you are  a “foodie” like me, you tend to get a lot of homemade foods at the holidays—in particular, jams or preserves. Mine are stacked high, filling a pantry shelf, waiting for me to work through them. Before I lived with Nonna and her family in Viterbo, …

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Cooking Family-Style Italian~

Chicken With Tomatoes Olives Post Photo

Welcome to Nonna’s! [Subscribers, please click HERE to view the cooking video from your e-mail.] In this cooking segment on WSFA-12’s “Alabama Live!,” I show host Judd Davis how to prepare 2 quick & easy Italian recipes: “Chicken with Tomato & Olives” and “Roasted Potatoes with Fennel Seed”—yes, “surprise, surprise,” not all Italian food is centered around pasta! The chicken …

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