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Heads Up!

Siena Star COVER

Growing up north of Chicago meant that school field trips often meant going downtown. One of the ways we were instructed on how to be “safe” in the big city was to not look up. Looking up was a telltale sign to nearby ne’er-do-wells that you were a stranger to town, and were fruit ripe for the picking. However, I …

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Day 6: Full Circle~

"2012 DaVinci Wine 2012 Storyteller Experience" "Mark Leslie" "Beyond the Pasta"

“By choosing to click “READ MORE” to view this blog post, you confirm you are of legal drinking age in the country where this site is accessed.”

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On the way to the top~

Atop St Peters

See and download the full gallery on posterous Put one step in front of the other… The final push is on to have the book make its September 1 release date. The journey from now until the book’s launch next week has me feeling like I am climbing a tower in Italy … I am terrified of heights and, yet, …

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