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Heads Up!

Siena Star COVER

Growing up north of Chicago meant that school field trips often meant going downtown. One of the ways we were instructed on how to be “safe” in the big city was to not look up. Looking up was a telltale sign to nearby ne’er-do-wells that you were a stranger to town, and were fruit ripe for the picking. However, I …

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La Macchina di Santa Rosa~ una grande festa!

La Macchina Base E1283578961240

There was a huge festival in Viterbo, Italy, last night (Sept 3) … La Macchina di Santa Rosa (literally translated: Saint Rosa’s machine). Mere words will not do it justice. You may be wondering how a patron saint can have a “machine” and — “What in the world is it?” The “machine” is an over 5-story-tall tower, really more of …

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