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Zucca Soup~ah

Blaze Pumpkin Sliced

Halloween is over and for most Americans that means the pumpkin becomes a forgotten thing. Mr. O’Lantern served us well, and then like the TP draped over the neighbor’s trees or the discarded candy wrappers strewn across our kitchen counters or desks at work, Jack finds his decaying head thrown into the trash — or if he comes from a …

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The Great Pumpkin – Cobbler

Pumpkin Apple Pear Cobbler Photo

[Subscribers, please click HERE to watch the video from your e-mail.] While I was living with Nonna and her family in Viterbo, Nonna was very excited one day to show me a molto particulare recipe. Well, I was intrigued, to say the least. The more she went on about it, the more it seemed familiar to me. And when she …

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