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Day 4: Crossing Over ~

"DaVinci Wine 2012 Storyteller Experience" "Mark Leslie

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On the way to the top~

Atop St Peters

See and download the full gallery on posterous Put one step in front of the other… The final push is on to have the book make its September 1 release date. The journey from now until the book’s launch next week has me feeling like I am climbing a tower in Italy … I am terrified of heights and, yet, …

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Behind the magic door~

  See and download the full gallery on posterous “And behind door number 3…” Often we imagine how grand it must be to sit in a piazza eating gelato, while enjoying the rushing sound of water as it cascades down an enormous carved horse, water nymph, or sea god. But those sights are for the masses, the peasants, the common …

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“Roll Torre!”

  See and download the full gallery on posterous And who says there is no connection between Italy and college football?! Being from Chicago almost automatically makes me a Chicago Bears fan. We have options when it comes to baseball in Chicago—the Cubs or the White Socks. But when it comes to football there is no other but—“da Bears.”  Proudly …

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  See and download the full gallery on posterous “See you in Siena…” I have been thinking about Siena lately—Alessandra’s brother Luca, who lives in Siena, has started writing to me, even though we never met while I lived in Viterbo with his mother and sister’s family in 2005, and the layout process for the book is beginning, so I …

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