Epilogue: Parting is Such Sweet…

"2012 DaVinci Wine Storyteller - Mark Leslie"

An Italian Adventurer’s Journal

~ Ciao, ciao, ciao DaVinci ~

The “2012 DaVinci Wine Storyteller” experience was truly remarkable. Not only was I given the opportunity to travel to Italy, but I was also given the opportunity to learn, to grow and to expand my life. It was a beautiful gift to have been given and one that I am grateful to still carry with me.

"Mark Leslie" "Jade Sheldon-Burnsed" "Cathi Iannone" "Michelle Kondrich"

Traveling with me were three talented artists: Jade Sheldon-Burnsed, Cathi Ianonne, and Michelle Kondrich. Visit their blogs to see what they are creatively doing.

Un grande mille grazie to DaVinci Wine’s staff, both in America and in Italy. Hospitality and graciousness were shown and extended to us at every turn without hesitation or a second thought. Bravi, tutti!

"2012 DaVinci Wine Storyteller Experience" "Mark Leslie" "Beyond the Pasta"

And my thanks extends to everyone at the Casale di Valle (pictured above) plus our guide Carolina and driver Filippo.

It was everyone’s support that gave me the idea to do the “Good People” video, #3 in my series for DaVinci.

Buon Appetito~


The complete video series:

Video 1 ~ “Welcome”   Video 2 ~“Brother Brunello”   Video 3 ~ “Good People”

"Beyond the Pasta"[2012 DaVinci Wine Storyteller for Language Arts]

SEE my complete “Italian Adventurer’s Journal”

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And announcing ~ DaVinci Wine is now excepting applications to become a part of their 2013 Storyteller Experience! You could be a part of the next group of creative people to visit Vinci ~ I highly recommend it!

 2013 DaVinci Storyteller