Nonna Video


Nonna is a modern woman ~ you will not find her in a house dress and apron, wearing a cardigan sweater, while standing over a pot of sauce as it simmers on the stove.

Whether on one cell phone with her friends (like she is in this photo), leading the local “MASCI” (Movimento Adulti Scout Cattolici Italiani)−”an adult Scouting troupe”− (she has a second cell phone for those calls!), or driving Alessandra in the car to run errands, Nonna is always on the move.

Here are some video snippets, unedited, of Nonna in the kitchen.  I left these unedited so you can get a flavor of what everyday life is like in this typical Italian family’s home.  This footage was shot in 2009 and when I return to Italy later this year, I hope to capture more video of Nonna and the whole family to share with you.


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