Italian Pantry

Keeping your pantry stocked with these fundamentally Italian food items will insure that a quick, simple, and fresh meal is only a moment in the making. Here are some of my favorites!

But the pantry shelves are not the only places to keep Italy within arm’s reach. Open the fridge to see what it might have to offer or open the window and reach out~

Pantry Top 10: Factory boxed pasta, canned tomatoes, and extra virgin olive oil might not be surprising, but see what other items round out the Top 10. Top 10 Stock ItemsThe Fridge: The idea of a “pantry” does not have to stay confined to the cupboard shelves. Here are some cold items to keep on hand. The Fridge Window Box: Whether your “window box” is series of pots on your deck, plants in your garden, or within reach through an open window, here are my favorite fresh herbs.

What else is inside the “Italian Pantry”?


The book has 39 recipes that Nonna shared with me. Let me share some of my recipes with you!


If you are like me and weren’t born with an Italian grandmother, but always wanted one, then look no farther.  Let me proudly share Nonna with you.  Besides reading about Nonna in my book, you can watch video of Nonna in her kitchen and SEE for yourself why I had so much fun cooking with her.


It has been said that “one eats with one’s eyes” ~ meaning that the food should be as appetizing to look at as it is to eat. Well, long before you ever sit down at a table in Italy, your appetite will be whetted by the beauty of Italy itself. Here are photos of my many travels throughout Italy. I hope they will make you hunger for a journey of your own to Italy!