“All it takes is some flour and a couple of eggs…”

“There is nothing as simple as, or more difficult than, the beginning.”~

Starting something completely new is never easy. There is the fear of not getting it “exactly” right or not meeting expectations. For the longest time I was terrified to make pasta. What can be so complicated about some flour and a couple of eggs? Nothing. But after a rather rough first attempt, and slowly perfecting my technique in Italy, there is now nothing difficult about making pasta.

This is the first post…the first attempt at a blog…my blog about Italy. My Italy. What can be so complicated about that? Hopefully, nothing.

Through photos, recipes, La Parola del Giorno–The Word of the Day, and commentary on the progress of getting my manuscript published, I am going to share my Italy with you, and in doing so, hopefully take us all on un bello viaggio

Ciao, ciao, ciao, ciao…


-the manuscript is entitled “Beyond The Pasta: 28 Days of Recipes, Language, and Life with an Italian Family.”