All roads lead to Rome~

Looking for a great place to stay in Rome?

Every year I have the great good fortune to travel to Italy, which means a stay in Rome is inevitable. Rome, like any major metropolatin city, is bustling with activity 24/7; however, there is something unique about the Eternal City–as the name implies.

New York City and London are youthful and glitzy with their Times Square and Piccadilly Circus. Paris has a sophistication about itself with the Eiffel Tower rising up from the river’s banks. Rome is ancient. The most contemporary parts of the center of Rome seem to be pre-modern, dating from a time before the turn of the 20th century. Around every corner of a Roman street appears a reminder of the ancient world. Rome is old~ Christ walked here. The “Scala Santa” is here…the steps that Christ climbed when he appeared before Pontius Pilate. (In case you don’t know or think that I am mistaken: Christ did NOT actually walk in Rome. The supposed steps that Jesus climbed when going to see Pontius Pilate were moved from Pilate’s Jerusalem palace to Rome in the 4th century by St. Helena, the mother of Constantine the Great.) There is the Pantheon, the Colosseum, St. Peter’s, the Trevi Fountain, the Villa Borghese, and the list goes on and on of incredible sights to see. Rome is a wonderful blend of old and new, ancient and modern.

Here is information about a great apartment to stay while in Rome. The landlord is very gracious and the apartment is tucked just far enough off the beaten path to allow you to feel like you are living life as a Roman and not a tourist. It is the only way to experience La Dolce Vita~ the sweet life!

Info from the apartment’s website:

The apartment, providing accommodation for five people, consists of: entry hall, master double bedded room with balcony, large living room with kitchenette and double bedded and single bedded couches, bathroom with shower. It’ s provided with: air conditioning, satellite colour TV, ADSL internet, hair dryer, Fully equipped kitchenette. Parking available on request. Close to St. Peter’s and the Vatican Museums there is the hall of residence “Reginella”: an indipendent apartment, conveniently located in central area Prati. The apartment is elegant and confortable; well suited for working as well as tourist stays . It’s within walking distance from St. Peter’s and the Vatican Museum and well linked with all the main tourist attractions, shopping areas ,archeological cites of the City.