Rome, Verona and now Vicenza…

Ciao tutti,

We are in Italy and, although it has been a bit chilly and rainy we are having a wonderful trip.

I have tried to email a photo via Richard’s iphone, but alas, no such luck. I have eaten a lot of wonderful things and in Verona the most exotic thing has been horse…yes, horse. It was smoked–does that help? Actually, it was really good and just to let you know that I have standards, I passed on trying the donkey. The waitress tried to make it sound appetizing by making donkey noises, but that didn’t help. I passed on the “ass.”

The gnocchi (potato dumplings) with duck was wonderful, the baccalà (salted cod) sered with polenta was delicious and I have yet to have a bad meal.

Tomorrow, Thursday, we head to Padova (Padua) and hopefully the rain will stop. Today in Vincenza it has been rainy and cold. Yesterday, in Verona, the weather cleared and it was truly pleasant–and the sun was shining.

The people have been lovely and my minimal Italian seems to be getting me by–with Richard’s help when my skills fail me.
I will try again to write while in Venice, but the photos will have to wait until I return to the states on Nov 15th.

We’ve just had proscecco and some chips and I think we are back to the farm to take a bit of a nap before heading out to find a ristorante for dinner.
I wonder what animal we’ll get to try tonight? For all of you who are vegetarians, I am sorry–but the meat here, regardless of its origin, is incredible. The Italians certainly have had enough time to perfect food–thousands of years I do believe.

Ciao, ciao, ciao e a presto!