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Mark Leslie - Beyond the Pasta - iPad1


Family-style Italian Cooking. The real deal.

Featured as New & Noteworthy on iTunes!

SAN FRANCISCO (April 19, 2011) – Want to eat like you’re sitting in the midst of a bustling Italian kitchen without having to find your passport or buy a plane ticket? No worries! Author Mark Leslie carries the excitement from his book Beyond the Pasta: Recipes, Language & Life with an Italian Family into the brand-new app as he brings you the “real deal” – family-style Italian recipes he learned while in Italy.

The BEYOND THE PASTA™ iPhone and iPad APP (April 12, 2010, $4.99), which was just featured as a “New and Noteworthy” Lifestyle app on iTunes this week, brings you directly into the heart of an Italian family’s kitchen in the historic region of Viterbo (central Italy) with irresistible menu options, how-to videos, and vivid photographs that will have your eyes and appetite begging for more. With the occasional help of “Nonna”, the Italian grandmother who taught Mark how to cook authentic Italian fare, Mark will show you that real Italian cooking isn’t about a heaping plate of pasta.  In fact, he takes you beyond the pasta to show that it is about good, fresh, and easy to find ingredients, so simply prepared, that it will encourage you to bring your family to the table and change a life one meal at a time.  Buonissimo!

The BEYOND THE PASTA™ iPhone and iPad APP lets you carry a little bit of Italy with you wherever you go! Whip out your smart device at the grocery store, open up Mark’s app, and quickly grab a handful of ingredients you’ll need to prepare one of the user-friendly and delicious recipes when you get home after a long day.


• Over one hundred video and photo descriptions of Beyond the Pasta’s recipes

• Cooking tips (text & video) with insightful techniques from both Mark and Nonna’s kitchens

• Ideas about what to stock in your own pantry to make Italian cooking a breeze

• Info about what fresh herbs to grow and keep within arm’s reach

• 5 courses of authentic recipes: Appetizers, Pasta & Rice, Meat & Fish, Vegetable Side Dishes and Desserts

• Additional Bonus Recipes specifically for the app

• PLUS, the iPad version’s unique design capitalizes on the device’s ability to go into the kitchen as an instructor, playing in both landscape and portrait positions, while the in-your-hand iPhone version is a quick and fun way to keep you “Beyond the Pasta” inspired at all times.

• Complete support for both iPhone and iPad (iOS 3.2 and greater only)

Easy to follow instructions will have even the most culinary-challenged saying, “Hey, I can make this – grazie, Mark and brava, Nonna!”  This app is designed in the same spirit Mark brings to every meal he cooks – user-friendly, beautifully presented, and sure to please a hungry crowd.

Buon Appetito!


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