My bags are packed~

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I’m off to Vinci ~ join me!

It is becoming a very busy and thrilling week as I gear up to travel to Vinci, Italy, courtesy of DaVinci Wines as their “2012 Storyteller” in “Language Arts.” In thinking about what to pack and get ready to take with me—besides my camera, video camera, iPhone, laptop and every other electronic device that we strap ourselves to nowadays to make sure we “capture” every moment.

I hope that you’ll follow my journey here and share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and maybe even “pin” some of my journey on your Pinterest boards.

DaVinci Wines sent me this great box filled with things I’ll need on my journey—plus a couple of extra bonus items. Grazie tanto, DaVinci!

Watch the video and join me as I look forward to sharing this experience with you. And, by sharing, I mean I want to hear from you, too. Your questions are an important part of this experience. I am not traveling alone—I am taking you with me. I wish I could literally take you all, if only to smuggle you in my suitcase, but “Mamma mia!” that would be a LOT of luggage!

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Buon Appetito ~

And, I’ll “see” you in Vinci!