Get out the grill~

Making panunto - Beyond the Pasta - Mark Leslie

Or let’s grill in!

It’s that time of year when half the country is still in the grasp of Old Man Winter while the other half is enjoying the budding, flowering show of Spring. Here is Alabama we have already been grilling and dining al fresco. I realize that it is a little early for grilling up north, but here is a video I shot in Viterbo in January.

Francesca and her boyfriend Mario had all of us over to their apartment for dinner. They made panunto (“greasy bread”) by grilling sausages in their living room fireplace. So for everyone still up in the wintry flurries of the north, the thrill of grilling can still be achieved at this time of year – just turn to your fireplace!

Enjoy the video of my panunto evening~

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Buon Appetito – bring your family to the table!