I scream, you scream, we all scream~


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I was in Italy in January, visiting the Stefanis (the family in my book Beyond the Pasta), which means I was eating gelato as often as I could!

Here is some video I shot of my favorite gelateria in Rome – Gelateria del Teatro. In this video, you’ll see some of my favorite gelato flavors that “del Teatro” creates: lavender & peach, garden sage & raspberry, fennel & caramel & almond. They are always creating new flavors and the pride themselves on making the gelato on site – this really makes their gelato fresh and unique.

If you enjoy gelato as much as I do, I have Nonna’s “Mascarpone Gelato with Chocolate Chips” recipe included on the Beyond the Pasta APP, which is available for the iPhone and iPad on iTunes. It’s rich with the flavors of mascarpone and dark chocolate shavings.

Buon Appetito~